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We meet for in-person, socially distanced Davening (services) every Shabbat.  We are proud to require masks at all in-person events and to carefully follow all state requirements and recommendations.  See our Covid page for full information. 

In the fall and winter months, Kabbalat Shabbat begins at 530pm; in the spring and summer, we begin at 730pm. Most weeks, we conclude with a light Kiddush dinner in the backyard.

On Shabbat day, we have pastries and learning at 9am, and Shacharit services begin at 930am.  We conclude with a Kiddush lunch in the backyard around 12pm.


We follow Orthodox practice in our services and Kashrut, as guided by Rabbi Greenfield, and use the beautifully translated Hebrew-English Koren Siddur.

We also meet on Zoom for a weekly pre-Candle Lighting gathering and for a post-Shabbat Havdala, immediately before and after Shabbat begins.  

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Pre-Covid, we would have been delighted to host you and yours for Shabbat dinner!  

These days, you are very much welcome to join our backyard Kiddush lunch on Shabbat day. Most weeks, we also gather for a light kiddush Dinner after services on Friday night. Please feel free to email R. Greenfield at with any questions.


As a traditional synagogue, we refrain from Zoom gatherings during Shabbat iself, but we do come together every week on Zoom to welcome in Shabbat with a pre-candlelighting gathering, and to welcome out Shabbat with Havdala.

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